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About this blog

IIf you are a professional in the industry of packaging (especially if you work for a small company, or even for one with no specific resources destined for packaging) your may have experienced the sensation that your work is perceived as something accessory and not one of the key elements of product development.

However, I believe packaging is much more than containing, preserving, transporting the product and giving information about it.  Sometimes it can go beyond the sum of these functions and cresukt in mundane but remarkable examples of human ingenuity and sense of beauty.

If you are not professionally involved with the subject [thank you for your visit, by the way, I hope you find this blog instructive) it’s likely that you associate  packaging with all kind of negative things (pollution, energy and materials waste,  a mere marketing tool… etc).

So the goals of this blog are:

  • Select and compile some the most important packaging innovation news.
  • Analyze and comment their relevancy under the prism of their role on larger issues such as sustainability, added value, social/environmental relevance..etc.
  • Do periodic reports about a concrete materials o technologies (bioplastics, recycling technologies, smart packaging,  logistics optimizations…).
  • Convey books, web pages and technical resources, as well as training tools (courses, videos .. etc) that I consider useful for students or professionals.

Since these are ambitious goals and I won’t be working full time on the blog I’ll be baby stepping towards them. However I believe that action is better than perfection , so I have started as soon as I could.

I also want to have a little fun while I’m writing, so you’ll notice that my style is not very coherent: sometimes a bit highbrow, and sometimes a bit informal. However I take content very seriously so I’ll include images, videos, diagrams or anything that helps make it more palatable. Also, I’ll use hypertext to link other websites, scientific literature, academic articles, or other reference sources for those who’d like a more technical or scientific approach.

Of course the main purpose of this blog is to be useful, therefore I’m asking for your feedback regarding the subjects, size and tone of the posts. After all that’s why I’ve included a contact page.

May 2018 Bruno Rey-  The Packaging Blog-
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