Packaging Matters

About the author

My name is Bruno Rey,  I started working at packaging in 1999, although it was not a love at first sight.

You can check my LinkedIn profile for  more details.

Without a clear initial vocation (and with higher interest in the “humanities” than the average engineer), over time I discovered that packaging needed combined technical rigor and expertise, with  aesthetic sensitivity.

I have limited writing experience, mainly in translations, technical reports, and a short story published in a local newspaper, so when trying to figure out how I could “contribute” to the world, I thought writing a blog about packaging could kill two birds with one stone (sorry for the environmentally incorrect idiom):

  • I could write and aspire of getting better at doing so by practice.
  • I could use what I have learned about packaging to talk about sustainability and innovation.

I sincerely hope you’ll find this blog useful, or at least mildly entertaining.

Bruno Rey

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